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Bicycle, has been used as a method of transportation for about 200 years. Whatever you ride, road bicycle, touring bicycle, track bike, MTB or BMX, you can't deny that bicycle is always play a vital role in your life. It's a marvelous invention for human civilation, also with rich legends during its development. 
This blog recommends 10 best bicycle related movies ever since, let the wheels move on.


No. 1 Where The Trail Ends

  • Summary:
It's a film following the worlds top freeride mountain bikers as they search for untraveled terrain around the globe, ultimately shaping the future of big mountain free riding. This unparalleled film documents man's challenge of nature and himself showcased through a cast of colorful characters. The best bicycle documentary ever.

Where The Trail Ends


No. 2 The Flying Scotsman

  • Summary

The true story of Graeme Obree, the Champion cyclist who built his bicycle from old bits of washing machines who won his championship only to have his title stripped from him and his mental health problems which he has suffered since.

  • IMDB Rate: 7.1
  • Type: Drama, Sport, Biography
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Mille / Sean Brown / Joseph Carney / Crawford McInally-Kier
  • Department: Time Trial Track Bike
  • Recommend reason: Time TrialGraeme Obree

the flying Scotsman


No. 3 The Armstrong Lie

  • Summary

To judge something in terms of how it's executed is all well and good but in a documentary. The Armstrong Lie is a documentary that takes a deep look at one of the most horrendous best kept lies of the sports history, the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong after being disgracefully accused for doping. He was once known as the greatest cyclist the world has ever seeing who won 7 Tour De France titles from 1999-2005 after battling and recovering from cancer.

  • IMDB Rate: 7.2
  • Type: Documentary, Biography, Sport
  • Cast:Lance Armstrong / Reed Albergotti / Betsy Andreu
  • Department: Road Race Bicycle
  • Recommend reason: Lance ArmstrongTour de France


No. 4 La Petite Reine

  • Summary

Julie, star of cycling, has to win two races to win the World Cup. It is the culmination of years of effort. Julie loves the spotlight. Her entourage too. Encouraged by her coach and doctor, she doped since the age of 14. When her doctor denounces, she managed to hush up the case, but the magnitude of the measurement mess - Abuse. Lie. Treason. Caught in a gear that goes beyond, will she succeed in finding a way out?

  • IMDB Rate: 7.0
  • Type: Drama, Biography, Sport
  • Cast:Laurence Leboeuf / Patrice Robitaille / Denis Bouchard
  • Department: Road Race Bicycle
  • Recommend reason: Lance ArmstrongTour de France

 road bicycle race


No.5  Premium Rush

  • Summary

Wilee is one of 1,500 bike couriers in Manhattan who rides on the edge by having a bike with no brakes. On this day, Wilee has a delivery that is so valuable that a corrupt NYC Detective, who needs the money, begins to chase Wilee throughout the city to get it before the envelope is delivered.

  • IMDB Rate: 6.5
  • Type: Action, Crime, drama
  • Cast:Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez
  • Department: Fixed Gear Track Bike
  • Recommend reasonJoseph Gordon LevittFixed Gear



No. 6 Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist

  • Summary

Marco Pantani, the most flamboyant and popular cyclist of his era, won both the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, a titanic feat of physical and mental endurance that no rider has repeated since. He was a hero to millions, the saviour of cycling following the doping scandals which threatened to destroy the sport. However, less than six years later, aged just 34, he died alone, in a cheap hotel room, from acute cocaine poisoning. He had been an addict for five years. This is the story of the tragic battles fought by the most important Italian cyclist of his generation.

  • IMDB Rate: 7.0
  • Type: Biography, Sport
  • Cast:Marco Pantani / Conan Sweeny
  • Department: Road Race Bicycle
  • Recommend reasonMarco PantaniTour de France

 Marco Pantani


No.7  Island Etude

  • Summary

Ming-Hsang, a deaf, decided to cycle around Taiwan before graduating from the college. This film, documents his trip which lasted 7 days and 6 nights. He camped at the beach of Tai-Ma-Li on the first evening, playing guitar. Although he has hearing problems, he is still very much interested in sounds. The next morning, he followed Tai-11 highway. He met a group of people filming MV at the east coastline. They also film him. The third day, he was on the Su-Hua highway, a highway notoriously difficult to conquer for cyclists. He met a Lithuanian girl at Han-Ben railway station. She missed the train to Hua-Lien. He helped her to get on her train by communication with her by pens and papers.

  • IMDB Rate: 6.8
  • Type: Drama
  • Cast:Ming-hsiang Tung / Danny Deng / Saya
  • Department: Touring Bicycle
  • Recommend reason: Touring BikeLandscape of Taiwan



No.8 Heroes of Dirt

  • Summary

Passionate BMX dirt jumper, Phin Cooper, wants nothing in life but to attain fame in his sport and get paid doing it. After missing out on a competition when he lands in jail for unpaid citations, he is court-ordered for community service and reluctantly mentors one of the toughest boys, Blue Espinosa (Will Martinez). As Phin leads the troubled teen on exciting adventures of riding dirt trails, big jumps and cityscapes, Blue becomes more than an obligation - an unlikely friend whose secret world of drug trafficking threatens Phin's ultimate dream. Featuring some of the best stunts in dirt jumping by legendary pros and hardcore locals in the sport, Heroes of Dirt is more than adrenaline rush. It embarks on an unforgettable journey into real significance, and the price it takes to get there.

  • IMDB Rate: 6.8
  • Type: Action, Sport
  • Cast:Joel Moody / Bill Allen / Vivian Vanhorn / Bill Allen
  • Department: BMX 
  • Recommend reasonBMX, Troubled Teen



No. 9 Life Cycles

  • Summary

Story of the bike, from its creation to its demise. A narrator poetically draws a metaphor about the river of life and the birth, growth, maturation, and death of a bicycle...

  • IMDB Rate: 8.5
  • Type: Documentary, Sport
  • Cast: Graham Agassiz / Mike Hopkins / Matt Hunter
  • Department: MTB, 
  • Recommend reason: MTBShimanoDownhill


No. 10 Yowamushi Pedaru 

  • Summary

Onoda is a cheerful otaku looking to join his new school's anime club, eager to finally make some friends. Unfortunately, the club has been disbanded and somehow he stumbled into the bicycle club.

  • IMDB Rate: 8.0
  • Type: Drama, Sport, Animation
  • Cast:Ming-hsiang Tung / Danny Deng / Saya
  • Department: Road Race Bicycle
  • Recommend reason: Road RacingJanpanese Animation

Yowamushi Pedaru



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