Review of Vcycle 700C 50mm Road Bike Wheelset Carbon Clincher

by burce (Sales)


                                                 ----this review is published with permission of client Mr.Hayes

50mm clincher wheels carbon

Wheelset Information

  • Department: Road Bicycle
  • Rim Height: 50mm
  • Rim Width: 23mm
  • Brake Surface: basalt brake line
  • Rim Structure: V-shape aero
  • Net Weight (without skewers): 1685g 

Order Information

  • Destination Country: United States
  • Shipping time: 5 days
  • Guarantee Offered : 18 months under normal usage 
  • Coming Parts: 1 x wheelset, 4 x brake pads,  2x skewers, 2 x tire tapes, 4 x spare spokes 

Rider and Bicycle Information

Bianchi Infinito carbon Bicycle

Detailed Review:

Ride this wheelset for 500km so far, I don't find any problem. The appearance of this wheelset is nice, it performs well in high speed and shows its good stability in blowy days. The wheels brake winds well and the hubs run smooth without roling noise, unlike those cheap Asian carbon wheels with big rolling noise because of resonance and vibration. I can feel the straight-line speed come from them when I  accelerate.
I receive this set within a week after payment, it arrives with a solid packing, a big cardboard box with their logo, Vcycle. After I open it, the wheelset are standing firmly in a bottom holder, around with layers of foam which works as protector, I think. The most considerate part is that they put two plastic nuts on the ends of hubs, the nuts actually protect hubs from damage, although it's also a challenge for me to taking the set out of box.
My previous set is DT Swiss of 55mm, it's 100gr lighter than this one but cost me more than $1500! This wheelset is worthy although its braking performance is bad——the stopping power comes weakly with noise, I adjust my callipers to make a difference, which is as weak as the braking function. So I have to change the brake pads they gave as freebies.



Pros: Affordable price, no problem in quality and strong packing

Cons: Bad brake pads as gifts, the freebies bag is hard to be found (they put it under the holder, I almost missed it )


Editor: Wendy from Vcycle

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