Road Bike Wheels 700C 50mm Clincher 23mm Width Carbon Fiber Wheelset with Basalt Braking

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—Size: 700C

—Type: Clincher

—Rim Depth: 50mm

—Rim Width: 23mm

—Finish: 3K matte/3K glossy/UD matte

—Brake Surface: Basalt

—Rim Holes: Front 20 rear 24

—Hub: Novatec road hub (black)

—Front Hub: 2 sealed bearings, O.L.D: 100mm, axle: 9x108mm

—Rear Hub: 4 sealed bearings, O.L.D: 130mm, axle: 10x140mm

—Cassette Body: Shimano 10/11sp or Campagnolo 10/11sp

—Spoke: CN494 bladed spokes (black)

—Spoke Pattern: Front radial, rear 2x cross

—Nipple: Aluminum alloy nipples (black)

—Maximum spoke tension recommended: 130kgf

—Maximum rider weight recommended: 110kg

—Maximum tyre inflation pressure recommmended: 120psi/8bar

—Accessories: Skewers, rim taps, brake pads, spare spokes and nipples

—Weight: 1700+/-30g/set

—Warranty: 1 year under normal usage

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100% good wheels to fit my Pinarello Dogma, after 500km, no problem at all.
I had to write a review of the 50/50 wheels that I just got. Since they were Prime, they arrived right on time , well-built and free shipping. They come minimally packaged but there was no damage. Taking them out of the box you can immediately feel both the lightness and the quality.

Excellent product this far. More to add when I get more miles on them
I was a little nervous about this purchase, but the wheels have been a great improvement over my stock wheels. The rear hub spins very smoothly and the wheels handle great. At 19+mph I can really feel the aero difference in these wheels compared to my original wheels. The wheels feel as stiff as my other wheels, just more aero.

When I received the product, it was well packaged and included skewers and brake pads. I was impressed. However, I had trouble with installing the 11-speed cassette. The problem was solved after two emails with their customer service Wendy, no bad.
The order was placed on March 29th and we received the wheels on April 7th.

The wheels themselves arrived well packed, with extra spokes, and were exactly as described. Throw on name brand stickers and they could sell for twice as much or more. The wheels run true and provide a comfortable ride, even over rough road. Its been almost 1,000 miles and they still run true. If after another 1,000 miles they keep rolling like a champ. I have a set of Mavic SLR and I like these better!
era da tempo che cercavo un paio di ruote così ma non volevo spendere cifroni. queste ruote sono molto belle e ben fatte. c'è la possibilità di cambiare il pacco pignoni e i pattini freno. vengono dati anche i raggi di ricambio. però non pensate che con queste ruote si vada più veloce ,sono semplicemente più reattive perchè rigide e molto leggere, ma in pianura io non ho avuto l'effetto velocità che pensavo. bisogna avere la gamba per spignere e tenere i 40 orari fissi !!!
Great looks, great performance on the flat with no wind, lightweight wheels, not noisy, good braking!
The next purchase, the seller TOP.
I still have a new friend who also wants the wheels, I have given your contact Wendy. BRAVOS!
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